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Royalty Rose Sparkling Wine




750ML / In Stock

This Sparkling Rosé has a light pink hue, with notes of peach, strawberry, apricot, cherry blossom, and sweet watermelon.  This wine offers upfront fruit flavors, yet is balanced by its texture and bright acidity. The light effervescence of the wine lends to the crisp, clean finish.


YEAR: 2023

TASTING NOTES: Apricot, Cherry Blossom

ALCOHOL: 11.5%



What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup vodka

  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar

  • Frozen strawberries (16 oz bag)  

  • Ice as needed

  • 1 bottle Royalty Rosé Sparkling Wine

  • Large, high powered Blender

  • Mint for garnish


  1. Add strawberries, sugar and vodka to the blender, cover and puree, approximately 1 minute.

  2. Next add the bottle of Royalty Rosé to the blender, recover and blend everything together. (You may not need the whole bottle, we used about 3/4.)

  3. Check the consistency. If needed, add some ice or some more Royalty Rosé.

  4. Serve immediately and garnish with mint or you can freeze until ready to use. (Due to the alcohol content, it will not freeze through.)

  5. Enjoy!

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What is


All champagne is sparkling wine but not all sparkling wine is champagne. Let us explain further. Sparkling wine is any carbonated wine, which includes carbonated wines made from a variety of grapes and they can be different colors but they all use carbon dioxide to create their iconic bubbly effect. This generic term, sparkling wine, encompasses the more specific sub-category of champagne.


The fizz and bubbles occur from the natural fermentation process. When sugar is added to the yeast, the yeast will react with the sugar and create carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is trapped and bottled for your enjoyment.

What is


While many people use champagne and sparkling wine interchangeably, it's actually incorrect. A sub-category of sparkling wine, champagne gets its name from the Champagne region of France. Only sparkling wines from the Champagne region can be called Champagne. If they are made anywhere else, they are simply referred to as sparkling wines. Champagne accounts for 60% of France's sparkling wine production.

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